Pushing blockchain technology value upstream

Professional services & business solutions across multiple sectors


Block Patrol provides access to blockchain insights across multiple industry sectors and our team consults for corporate divisions in innovation, strategy, competitive intelligence, market research, and development.

We deliver client appropriate solutions to problems or opportunities and offer cost-effective, high value added services with the capacity to provide industry specific solutions through research and development. 

We service businesses across numerous industries including: business, corporate governance, financial, infrastructure,  education, healthcare, manufacturing,  logistics, publishing, retail, insurance, transport, cloud & cyber, trend analysis, asset management, supply chain, energy, government & public records, estates, charity, law, human resources, public assistance, gaming & entertainment, food & beverage, and accounting. 

Our consulting work covers emerging technologies, information protection, privacy & security systems, project management, application development & management, business analysis & intelligence.


Helping you leverage new opportunities and foster growth

About Block Patrol

Our team drives your company’s strategy, serves as a touchpoint between your technology's adopters, the broader consumer ecosystem and other businesses.

We assist with the development and fostering of relationships across the markets.

Our in-depth experience in research analysis and understanding of technology trends means that you have a team behind your project that can identify and create new initiatives to drive growth in adoption

Building blocks for enterprise blockchains



We educate businesses on: 

  • What the benefits and limitations of blockchain are.
  • How the tech applies specifically to client's industry.
  • What the real value propositions of blockchain vs. traditional system solutions are. 


Our team helps you decide:

  •  Which business areas to focus on implementing the tech for maximum benefit. 
  •  What issues or opportunities you have in common with peers and competitors.
  •  Which blockchain technology platform you should leverage, keeping in mind the compatibility and long-term usage.
  • Which organisations you should collaborate with.


Our know-how ensures you find out:

  • Which existing solutions can help your blockchain strategy.
  • How to integrate blockchain to make smarter applications.
  • Whether privacy is a priority for your blockchain applications.
  • What type of blockchain you need i.e. public, private, or hybrid.
  • How current regulations impact your blockchain design.

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Ensuring scalability and global adoption of technology

Blockchain business solutions aligned with your goals and priorities


As your solution managers, we are flexible in handling all aspects of your blockchain project. We can overhaul strategies, procedures and operations from inception through production, implementation and post-implementation. Our job is to evaluate existing policies and practices related to your company's operations before developing solutions for specific issues or participating in project planning for specific products. 

We help clients establish and maintain strategic investment priorities and roadmaps and we support cross functional teams to transform objectives into well-delineated and executable business solutions and services. We essentially integrate our offering and become a central support touchpoint. We can take the lead in the initiation and ideation of assigned projects,  including solution design. At Block Patrol our focus is on working closely and actively engaging to serve as the primary liaison to your blockchain tech adopter and investor communities. Our team is adept at leading the coordination of investor community-facing planning and collaboration in support of project objectives, facilitating comprehensive project communications and also resolving project issues.  

As your blockchain business solutions support partner, we can help with the initiation, development, and maintenance of your projects from conception through to completion. The work we do can range from driving progress towards wider tech adoption to providing operational efficiency solutions and aligning those solutions to maximize your project’s value proposition. Our expertise and wide ranging experience enables us to collaboratively develop joint project requirements, identify dependencies and coordinate changes while developing strong functional working knowledge of key integration areas for investor and tech adopter crowds. We prepare, present and coordinate project promotion activities while maintaining productive working relationships with support teams. 


"Ensuring scalability and global adoption of blockchain technology using smart business and technical strategies." - Heath Muchena, Head of Strategic Partnerships


We are not marketing agents, we are tech adoption enablers!

Coordinating and managing projects across multiple business segments

We embrace the fast-paced, dynamic environment in blockchain and we have the ability to create, manage and communicate strategic concepts and project statues to executive management and external partners. We have demonstrated ability to operate simultaneously as effective tactical as well as strategic thinkers with strong communication and influencing skills across blockchain business functions and organisational levels. 

Our unique capacity to coordinate and manage projects across multiple business segments and geographical locations gives our offering an edge. We have adequate problem-solving skills to develop solutions for specific operational issues and effectively cross collaborate with multiple stakeholders to define the current and future state of any business process, identifying issues and risks, suggesting mitigation strategies and driving towards the ideal blockchain business solutions.


Our team provides timely delivery of end-to-end solutions by working closely with key stakeholders to gather customer requirements, translate them into clear collateral, write compelling business cases and proposals, and then implement those approved and prioritised by management to deliver cost-effective solutions. We engage the potential investor communities, tech adopters and business partners early to effectively building solid relationships and push blockchain tech value upstream. Our focus is on identifying, understanding, negotiating, and documenting business requirements and then managing the delivery of business cases, project scope, test plans, and rollout communications. 

End-to-End Advisory

We understand the blockchain landscape and keep ahead of developments in the space.

Our mission is to help create a legacy of improved business performance based on trust. We understand that our clients rely on consultants who can take a broader view to maximising opportunities in a fast changing environment.

Our geographically spread consulting team has the capabilities to:

  • Implement an efficient model to manage your token launch within a defined budget
  • Use integrated digital strategy tools to boost brand valuation
  • Identify and understand your project’s core customer base to maximise engagement both on and off line
  • Expand your brand reach through integrating web, mobile and traditional advertising in seamless marketing campaigns
  • Incorporate unique customer experience management solutions to enhance protocol, product or service adoption.

We provide services that assist in the optimisation, improvement, enhancement or delivery of projects and programmes through the phases of their lifecycle. 

We also offer pre and post implementation reviews to ensure technology-enabled change programs are planned, executed and monitored appropriately to deliver on time and on-budget.

Our team is dedicated to defining the business problem to be solved, and find the right approach to achieving your desired results. We have a team of technical consultants offering ongoing post go-live support and providing post-implementation stabilisation services to ensure that systems are utilised to their full potential. 

We help clients improve overall business performance by providing a balanced approach to operating a blockchain business. This approach is always aligned with business needs, technology options, and financial considerations.


Our Approach

What We Do


We examine factors that can influence or inhibit your technology’s adoption. Our approach includes analysing social factors and characteristics of adopters which may affect their behaviour to adopt the tech. In addition, we analyse the rate at which diffusion of innovation takes place and device strategies and processes by which your innovation is communicated through certain channels. Furthermore, our team measures the extent to which potential adopters perceive an opportunity to experiment with your innovation prior to committing to its usage. 

We consider factors that affect the rate of adoption of innovation including: 

  • The extent to which your innovation will be perceived as better than the ideas preceding it. 
  • The extent to which your innovation is perceived as being consistent with the existing values, past experiences, and needs of potential adopters.
  • The extent to which your innovation is perceived as difficult to understand and use. 
  • The degree to which your innovation may be experimented with on a limited basis.
  • The degree to which the results of your innovation are visible to the potential adopter. 

Strengths & Specialities



Strengthening innovation and technology capacity to become a powerful catalyst for development.



We combine knowledge flows across sectors with advances in blockchain technologies.



Helping enhance proliferation of tech into business operations for providing better quality output to the customers.



Creating models to identify consumers' reaction to innovations.

Growth Strategies


Helping overcome technological inertia and institutional incumbency.



 Our capabilities combine research, development, demonstration, and deployment.

Service & Strategy


Some of the work we undertake for blockchain businesses includes working to understand project roadmaps and then conducting due diligence with investment targets. 

Block Patrol focuses on providing your business with input that is aligned with your company’s wider investor relations strategy and project community expectations.

We have the know-how, expertise and resources to continuously monitor valuation models, aligning your company’s expected performance with the market’s expectations and identifying the issues that require management’s attention. 

Our team helps with the communication of information and insight between businesses and the investment community. Through this process, the proper appreciation of your business activities, strategy and prospects will consequently allow the market to make informed judgements about the fair value and appropriate ownership of your value proposition.

We assist with the provision of detailed qualitative and quantitative information of your business to your investor communities. As your investor relations support team, we will provide prospective investors with elaborate but succinct descriptions of your products and services, including an overview of your company's organisational structure. 

At Block Patrol, we ensure effective interaction with crypto market analysts who provide public opinion on your company as an investment opportunity to influence the overall investment community, and it is our priority to manage these analysts' expectations.

Communications Consulting

Assessment & Advisory


  • Advising on branding, positioning, communications and other marketing issues.
  • Brand development and promotion.
  • Designing strategic initiatives to facilitate communication planning and execution on projects.
  • Brand vision direction.

Strategy & Implementation


  • Developing communications strategy and overseeing the implementation.
  • Developing and implementing marketing strategy according to objectives and budget.
  • Giving direction to marketing efforts utilizing the most effective methods and tools.
  • PR and digital marketing strategy including social media.

Analysis & Augmentation


  • Monitoring marketing projects and analyzing results.
  • Analysis of frameworks in order to develop an understanding of opportunities and threats.
  • Measuring strengths and weaknesses of venture in terms of resources and capabilities.
  • Keeping up with blockchain industry dynamics and monitoring changes in the cryptocurrency market in order to devise competitive strategies and comprehensive blockchain business solutions.


Solutions positioned, deployed and supported globally

Ethical Lobbying & Consensus Building


We can help develop and manage direct relationships with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to ensure the business solutions we recommend are aligned with their goals and priorities. We have strong negotiation and consensus building skills when dealing with internal customers and stakeholders or lobbying and we fully understand current and changing business processes and are able to build credible customer and investor relations.  We can research how you can balance customer requirements with technical to ensure that the value of the project is realized. Our expertise includes clearly understanding and articulating the project goals to investor communities and tech adopters and we aim to create and maintain cohesive and coordinated plans to deliver solutions that meet your stakeholders’ priorities within budgetary and product requirements.

Ensuring scalability and international adoption of technology using in-depth business and technical strategy for blockchain business solutions allows us to identify business gaps and correlate to potential solutions while driving the prioritization process by which decisions are made around the final project scope. Executing project plans and assisting others in executing on project plans across the various project participants is our primary focus and we strive to demonstrate a sound understanding of how your overall business solution can be positioned, deployed and supported globally. 

Brand Storytelling

Content Services & PR


  • Blogs and articles
  • Press Releases
  • White Papers
  • Pitch Decks  
  • Core Campaign Messaging Concepts
  • Introductions to media and journalists

Visual Services


  • Promo video production 
  • Call-to-action videos
  • Informational and Q&A videos
  • Product/Service Explainer video
  • Press Kits 
  • Web Design & Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Marketing across respected crypto-oriented platforms such as: 

· Telegram

· Facebook

· Twitter

· Instagram

· Reddit

· Steemit

· Discord

· Quora

· LinkedIn 



  • Key word analysis 
  • Organic link building
  • Online reputation management
  • Online directory listings

Go-to-market Strategies


  • Market entry and penetration plans 
  • Communications Strategy
  • Content Development and Narrative Shaping 

Media Relations


  • Paid Media Placement and Search Engine Marketing
  • Web & Creative Design (Website UX/UI, Design & Development)
  • Analytics and Insights

Public Engagement

Roll-out Strategy


  • Investor Pitch Deck
  • Market Entry Plans and Fundraising Strategy
  • Whitepaper Creation or Refinement



  • Community Building & Management 
  • Communication Channel Support
  • Tokenholder Support and Engagement
  • Social Media Management 

Investor Relations


  • Bounty Program Setup & Management 
  • Onsite Media Buying & Placement
  • Fundraising Strategy
  • Influencer, Advisor, and Investor Outreach
  • Investor targeted email marketing campaigns 

Brand Building & Strategic Partnerships

Business Partnerships, Networking and Market Penetration

At Block Patrol we develop content that speaks to potential ordinary technology adopters, collaborators, developers, investors, regulatory, and governance bodies. Our team can help create presentations, press releases, and other investor communication materials for industry events and conferences, analysts, investors, and geographical adoption and consumer pools. We can help your blockchain business develop key messages for investor communications including press releases, regulatory filing updates, Q&As, industry conferences, one-on-one visits, community engagements, developers and enthusiasts, or investor relations content on the website. We then measure the message penetration to ensure audiences are appropriately informed. 

Marketing Strategy

▪ Leading the development and execution of marketing strategy and plans, ensuring alignment to the global marketing strategy

▪ Leading the development and execution of the Africa region go to market strategy and plans, agreeing the programmes, delivery mechanisms, budgets and resources with local countries

▪ Leading the development and execution of campaign strategies to support a variety of routes to market and maximise impact and share of voice

▪ Leading the deployment of the brand architecture in line with brand management standards

▪ Providing oversight for regional communications to intermediaries and partners, including society stakeholders

▪ Provide expert marketing advice to help to win donor business and shape partnership strategies

▪ Establish guidelines and policy for the use of marketing agencies and vendors, ensuring appropriate monitoring and quality assurance

▪ Ensuring a coordinated approach to marketing performance data gathering and analysis

▪ Ensuring that clear and consistent marketing processes are deployed in the region, aligned to agreed global marketing processes

▪ Setting, monitoring and reporting on a consistent set of marketing KPIs across the region

▪ Overseeing the commissioning of regional market insight to identify opportunities for new product development and proactively sharing 

Consultancy, analysis & problem-solving

▪ Applying authoritative knowledge of marketing, and a first principles understanding of presenting problems, to solve a range of complex short-medium term regional marketing challenges

▪ Reviewing specified, multi-faceted regional marketing problems and issues, integrating, analysing and interpreting complex and diverse information to develop and implement new or cutting-edge solutions

▪ Distilling complex concepts and analysis into cogent and persuasive business case presentations, which convincingly influence regional decision-makers about the need for technological adoption 

▪ Using informal influencing strategies, such as building behind-the-scenes support from important internal sponsors or opinion-formers

▪ Providing internal thought leadership for marketing within the region

Service improvement

▪ Identifying and implementing new regional marketing approaches and/or techniques which enhance efficiency 

▪ Reconciling the differences between consumers’ current perception of the brand and the way in which the you wish the brand to be perceived

▪ Leading and driving a clear focus on audiences and market segmentation

▪ Leading quality assurance and impact assessments of regional campaigns to monitor and evaluate impact against agreed KPIs and identify opportunities for improvement

▪ Agreeing with local countries the delivery mechanisms, budgets, and programmes, and ensuring resources and budgets are monitored to deliver to plan

Relationship & stakeholder management

▪ Pro-actively participating in the network of blockchain professionals and enthusiasts

▪ Proactively building and maintaining external networks to access, absorb and apply technical/professional best practice 

▪ Proactively building and maintaining collaborative relationships with blockchain and other startup communities 

▪ Building a network of internal sponsors and supporters 



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We're here to assist with any questions you might have on navigating the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, or understanding this fast-evolving market. 

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