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Enterprise business development solutions

Think of us as your Africa-based growth partners

At Block Patrol we specialise in the deployment of services that support enterprises seeking growth through international expansion strategies, experienced management and professional representation.

We work closely with clients to complement operational initiatives and ensure market readiness, improved service and product delivery and market effectiveness. Our consulting services support your business development initiatives, product development, process engineering, sales and marketing, dealers network development and product support teams.

We track trends in your industry, your competitors and their products and service offerings, pricing, marketing strategies, within your market of interest. By combining the intelligence on an on-going basis with the understanding of your business strategy, we can provide a comprehensive view of your service/product offering relative to the competition.

We provide understanding of new markets, market conditions and how your offering could be adapted to fully capitalise on the available opportunities. By bringing our creative approach to your business, we help identify ways to improve your offering, marketing, sales/sales channels and pricing. Furthermore, the new business opportunities identified will be prioritised, and in collaboration with your teams, we help bring the new opportunities to fruition by assisting with negotiations with stakeholders.

Our team drives your company’s strategy, serves as a touchpoint between your technology’s adopters, the broader consumer ecosystem and other businesses. We assist with the development and fostering of relationships across the markets. Our in-depth experience in research analysis and understanding of technology trends means that you have a team behind your project that can identify and create new initiatives to drive growth in adoption.