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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Our artificial intelligence enterprise technology adoption strategy focuses on growing the use of AI in the business landscape. We help you  

  • Build a strong regional understanding of AI/ML technology and related industry developments.
  • Communicate internally and externally about your AI/ML approach, value proposition, and offerings. 
  • Ensure potential adopters understand AI/ML services and help customers successfully adopt them.
  • Understand and uncover customers’ challenges in adopting AI/ML, and show how your solutions can help them provide new services, new capabilities, and new efficiencies.
  • Work with partners, internal teams, and customers to determine best use-cases, deployment, and adoption of AI/ML and related technologies.
  • Work closely with sales and technical leadership to build programs that accelerate adoption of AI/ML, including generating technical content and white papers.
  • Define and deploy AI/ML campaigns and work with sales teams to implement them.
  • Identify and remove obstacles that block adoption of AI/ML and related workloads.