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Pushing technology value upstream

Internet of Things (IoT)

We drive, manage, and optimise new growth initiatives focused on the Internet of Things such as IoT devices, infrastructure services, communication protocols, and big data opportunities that create immense value to your customers via new product and service offerings, while also driving meaningful business for your business.  

We offer strategic thinking, program management technology consulting, and business development solutions for IoT companies. Our services include developing and optimising business cases with ongoing analyses (quantitative & qualitative), customer validation takeaways, recommendations, etc. We will regularly communicate on project updates, risks, and statuses of key milestones and report on partnership opportunities and go-to-market strategies so that you can launch products with high value and achieve mass adoption. 

We liaise with your growth teams to identify and evaluate future opportunities in new markets. We can also collaborate with your revenue personnel to optimise sales enablement activities and evaluate ongoing pricing, costs, and margins to enhance growth initiatives.  

At Block Patrol we research and maintain business landscape knowledge of competitors, insights, and trends on an ongoing basis for our clients.