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Service & Strategy

Ethical Lobbying & Consensus Building 

Some of the work we undertake as your business consultant includes working to understand project roadmaps and then conducting due diligence with investment targets.  

Block Patrol focuses on providing your business with input that is aligned with your company’s wider investor relations strategy and project community expectations. 

We have the know-how, expertise and resources to continuously monitor valuation models, aligning your company’s expected performance with the market’s expectations and identifying the issues that require management’s attention.  

Our team helps with the communication of information and insight between businesses and the investment community. Through this process, the proper appreciation of your business activities, strategy and prospects will consequently allow the market to make informed judgements about the fair value and appropriate ownership of your value proposition. 

We assist with the provision of detailed qualitative and quantitative information of your business to your investor communities. As your investor relations support team, we will provide prospective investors with elaborate but succinct descriptions of your products and services, including an overview of your company’s organisational structure.  

At Block Patrol, we ensure effective interaction with market analysts who provide public opinion on your company as an investment opportunity to influence the overall investment community, and it is our priority to manage these analysts’ expectations.