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Prepared For The Next Uptrend In The Market Cycle?

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October 3, 2020

The blockchain space  has come a long way from the technology trigger that coincided with the  last financial crisis and which ushered in the beginnings of rapid  R&D into the implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, tying  cryptography to digital value, and creating a wave that has undoubtedly  disrupted legacy systems but is yet to truly transform global industry.  We have seen the successes and failures of first-generation products,  the mass media hype, early adopter proliferation, negative press and  market sentiment, and ultimately consolidation. More recently, some  second and third rounds of venture capital funding have been announced,  however, less than five percent of the potential global audience has  adopted blockchain and crypto fully. 

It is expected that we will witness second generation products and  services being launched in the months and years ahead. It is also hoped  that best practices and methodologies will consequently be introduced.  This means that in the not-so-distant future, we will see a rise in  third generation products and out-of-the-box offerings and product  suites leading up to the high-growth adoption phase where it is expected  that 20-30 percent of the potential audience will adopt innovations in  blockchain. 

As we move into what many experts are calling the capitulation phase  of the current cryptocurrency market cycle, it’s crucial for blockchain  businesses to steadily increase project awareness and ready their  projects for an imminent market uptrend in which only those companies  clearly dedicated to blockchain technology value-addition across  numerous market sectors stand to benefit. Those projects lacking in  activity, particularly in project development and updates, including  thought leadership content whether written, graphical, or visual will be  deemed opportunists if they only attempt to revive their projects  during a cryptocurrency bull market. The latter projects will likely not  thrive during the next success cycle.

According to predictions by prominent market analysts, the next wave  of investors in the space will be predominantly institutional, rather  than retail. For this reason, in order to attract venture capital and  make the most of the opportunities in those upcoming funding rounds,  companies ought to prove their know-how of the available market for  their products and services. They should also be capable of convincingly  proving that there is huge potential for mass adoption of the  technologies under development. The most effective way of achieving this  is by producing quality content and detailed use case materials to  educate potential investors while also resonating with the mass user  bases. In addition, creating collateral which highlights value  propositions in easy, simple-to-understand language, backed by adequate  research will prove most advantageous. 

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